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Good ways to manage your dress in bodybuilding competition.

Choosing clothing for a Bodybuilding competition can be tough. It’s not a easy work to handle. After preparing for a bodybuilding competition by exercising, lowering calories and eating more protein, lifting weights and practicing a routine, you still need to think about what to wear. First thing you should do is choose something simple but sophisticating. Whether you need bikinis, evening gowns, double-breasted suits or exercise gear, choosing the right competition clothing shows off the body you worked so hard for in the most flattering way. You do not want to look too plain but you also do not want to look overly done either.


Rather than choosing your favorite color, choose a competition suit that looks best with tanned Skin tone. You should consider the best color for your skin tone. Compare fabric samples, holding them against your skin to choose the most flattering one, before you order a suit. Wear a thicker or wider suit that covers your body more if you need to hide some areas you aren't comfortable showing, or if you are large-breasted. Otherwise, if you are not well-endowed, leave room in your suit for insertions to give you a boost. Keep the back of a one-piece suit open and low to show off your back and deltoids. Straps should cross at the top or bottom of the back. If you want to wear a bathing suit, you should choose one suit which is cut high on the hips to fully show off your legs, especially if your legs are shorter. The band should be slightly thicker and higher than a suit you would wear to the beach or swimming pool. Bottoms must cover your buttocks. Thong and Brazilian-cut bottoms are either not allowed or not recommended at most competitions. You should always remember that suit is important and so does the cut!


Budget is always the first priority. You should spend your money in your budget. Many suits are embellished with jewels or sequins. Make sure the rules allow these suits before buying them, since they cost more than plain suits. Walk in high heels if you are a woman. When wearing a swim suit, high heels are a must to show off the definition in your calves and give you some extra height. It can bring some advantages if you wear properly. That‘s a public secret about the bodybuilding competition.


Anyway, you should follow the rules designated by the competition. Rules always come first. If you are not given a dress code requirement, ask for one or assume normal rules apply. It’s a good strategy to attend your bodybuilding competition. With the best dress, you have bigger chance to win the contest.



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Bodybuilding Program

This bodybuilding program has been designed so you can custom tailor it to your requirements from the very start. If you utilize the program as we outline it, you will see rapid improvements, gaining lean muscle mass, strength and losing fat, working with our 24/7 online counseling, guide and other online resources.

Bodybuilding Program
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For Only US $29.98 $59.95, you will get Lifetime Membership, Online Counseling by our specialists developing and supporting this program, Ultimate Guide, Bonus for Limited Time and more... :

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    - This guide will help you achieve your physical goals with lessons, and your lessons cover total development from neck down to your forearms and calves (and everything in between). You will soon be amazed at the results.
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    - 10 Exercise Bonus Books

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